Monday, April 29, 2013

Running out of subject´s the same great Missionary work as always!

We just got out of the Zone Leaders´ Council...which will no longer have the word "Zone." Why? The Church has added a leadership position for sister missionaries, who will also participate in those Councils. Elders will still lead districts and zones, just like it is in the church, but there will be one companionship of "leader" sister missionaries for every 12 companionships in the mission. Should be exciting!

There were a few other interesting announcements about rules and things to change. We are going to focus even more on the repentance process in every commandment and teaching from the Book of Mormon. I really love studying the Book of Mormon, and the rest of the Mission Library--Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness, True to the Faith, and Jesus the Christ. Each of those books is full of great doctrine and things to apply to missionary work. I also love the For the Strenght of Youth Pamphlet! I usually read those books during breakfast or other short times, and I try to focus my peronsal study on the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. I have found one of the most effective ways to study is to just write questions and doubts that investigators, members, or missionaries have, and look for as many ideas as I can in the scriptures and Preach My Gospel. When I do that, I feel like the Spirit really guides my study through revelation.

Speaking of studying, I am getting a lot better at Spanish. I can now focus on learning words like "machine gun" and "hazelnut." I also like studying a little Guaraní, though I don't think I'll every be able to teach entire lessons in that language. We did get to watch "The Restoration" in German this week with a man we found named Harald Schmitz. He is very funny, because he speaks very broken Spanish. He smokes and drinks a lot, but we're working on him! Then there is Gemma, who speaks Nivaclé, an indigenous language from the Chaco. She is living with a less-active member who is very excited to come back to church and prepare for the temple. They are a very special family, and it really was such a miracle to find her. 

Unfortunately, the Duarte family did not get baptized this week. Their dad did not give them permission, but we will pray and work with the members for this next week! They are great kids, and I honestly don't know how to convince Hector to let them get baptized. But if it's the Lord's will, he will provide a way.

Yes, I think I will know in May for sure if I am staying or going to the other mission. Villa Elisa is the city, and Villa Bonita is the name of the neighborhood. They changed it to "Costa" for the ward...not sure why. We are on the coast of the river between Paraguay and Argentina, which we can see from our house. I'll send pictures of that next week. The elections were not dangerous, staying home was just a precaution. In Guaraní we sing hymns, actually. The old Gospel Principles book in Guaraní has some hymns at the end.

I like what you said about the fact that the people who have problems with their family changing religion are often those who are not active in their own. I have seen personally that they just feel guilty and want to pull other people down so they feel better. Rules like the sabbath and the Word of Wisdom are especially frustrating to them. And for those who honestly have strong testimonies in their religion, it is true that showing them the positive, family orientation and doctrinal center on Christ will help them soften their hearts.

Lots of Love,
-Elder Wesley Morgan

P.S. Fun coincidence. On a bus (we travel a lot) I saw two guys with sporty shirts. One said Tigers in yellow and the other Bruins in red. ¡Qué Loco!

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