Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 2 with Elder Enriquez

I sent a lot of pictures this week (less time to write). I was going to send one of my companion and I yesterday. We had to be in the apartment all day because of the elections (in case something dangerous happened). I am always saying I want more time to study the scriptures, but that was plenty. I almost went crazy being inside all day. Luckily, my companion is pretty great. He left at 18 because they were experimenting with the young age in a few countries, as President Monson mentioned in the last conference. He is now 20 and goes home in August.  We sing in Guaraní together, he is a happy person, and he helps me clean a lot more than some of my other companions. With my Latino companions, we speak Spanish 95-99% of the time. Honestly I normally think in Spanish now. One cool that shows that my companions were chosen by the Lord. All want to be engineers. Elder Izurieta-software, Elder Gayoso-civil, and Elder Enriquez-mecatronic (also known as electromechanical, I think). Elder Nielsen wants to be a helicopter pilot and Elder Knudsen an eye doctor, but both said their backup plan is engineering. It's nice to work with smart, hard-working people.

Villa Elisa is somewhat far from Asunción. It's like Draper and Salt Lake City. The ward is small but great. I don't know if I told you the ward council volunteered to help us with the family who is going to get baptized this Saturday! We just need to have those meetings more often. I have heard in just about every ward that things "used to be better" before the bishop changed, ward divided, everyone left on missions or got married. Something like that. We are working hard to get all the wards in the stake excited to be a part of this work. We teach a lot of lessons, and we are hoping to find (or baptize) more members to accompany us. The chapel is just outside the ward boundary. We also had a miracle with the Duarte family bringing a friend, and a less-active member coming to church with his girlfriend. 6 investigators in church! 

One more quick question for pondering and answering. I often wonder why it is so hard for people to face the opposition from their family. Then I realized it would be hard for me to change religion with the strong traditions we have. (Completely hypothetical) How would you react if I changed religions?

Thanks for sending the package and letting me know how the ward back home is. I´ll write more next week. Love you all!

-Elder Wesley Morgan
Quintana family in Amamabay

Grau family in Amambay
Lorenzo, the investigator Elder Morgan played chess with in Amambay
Hector Pavón, golden investigator in Amambay
"Juan Ramón. He is the one who has to sell Bingo (lottery) all day to support his drug addict son. I hadn´t seen him in a while because of his work, but he happened to be in the bus terminal with all the missionaries! What a miracle."

Goodbye to Elder Gayoso and Amambay.
Hello to Elder Enriquez and Costa Bonita!
Outside Elder Morgan's new apartment
Inside Elder Morgan's new apartment

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