Monday, May 6, 2013

Excellent Week

Little things that made me happy this week: We had interviews with the President. I feel like he has a lot more confidence in me. Rather than just looking at me as the surprisingly young Zone Leader, he tells me about his plans and asks my opinion on many of the missionaries in our Zone. With the extra money at the end of last month we bought extra boxes of cereal and White Chocolate Oreos. It has been too long since I ate those. And I gave my first baby blessing for Miguel & Gema´s baby in church. I was very nervous. Might be the only time I am allowed to hold a baby on my mission.

The view from Elder Morgan's apartment.  Argentina is on the other side of the river.
Big things that make me happy: the investigators. We taught Iván, a friend of the bishop´s son who is preparing to get baptized. When reminding him of the date he said "my sister is turning 15...." I was expecting another excuse because Quinceñeras are a big deal sometimes. But then he said, "and she should get baptized before that. Can she get baptized with me?" Haha, we definitely allowed it. They are great. As is the Duarte family. We could not get permission this week to baptize them, but we had them write letters to their dad so he finally lets them. It also makes me very happy to teach Miguel & Gema. They are so happy to be coming back to church and she has absolutely no problem with getting baptized. The only problem is getting them married. She doesn´t turn 18 until June 20th. So we could wait until then to do it, or try to get her famliy to come down from the Chaco. I would love to do it as soon as possible, for many reasons. One of which is that I would love to be in their sealing in a year.

The Duarte Family
I would also love to do that for William, who is getting baptized this week! Haha, he is a huge miracle who we found just Saturday. His wife is Arminda, a more or less active member. He has been taught several times, but never could quite smoking or give up his Jehovah´s Witness beliefs. He just got back form a surfing trip in Uruguay, and he says he is ready to do both. He gave us is his box of cigarrettes to burn. He smokes because he has anxiety issues--he reminds me of Dallin Carlson in the way he trembles. We are trying everything we can so he can quit completely and get baptized this week. May is going to be filled with baptisms.

The box of cigarettes they burned for William
They did not change the Zone Leader title, just the title of our "Zone Leader´s Council." I am definitely writing Corbin and Truman now. We go to internet cafes to email, and we have to be very strict on time. The focus on repentance came from our new area president, Walter F. Gonzalez. I do have my companions sign the title of liberty flag. That is a great idea, as is the mission map.

This is Elder Taborga, who happened to have a Colts shirt one of his companions gave him.
Being a missionary is a very happy thing. It´s a pure, lasting happiness that I am very grateful for. The Book of Mormon is the answer to just about any question (and we have had a LOT of people question us this week). And the Atonement of Christ is the center of our purpose in this life. I love you all so much!

-Elder Wesley Morgan

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