Monday, August 13, 2012

Short Email

So with the pictures*, I do not have time to write much more. I have an hour every week to email family and Presidente Agazzani. Next week I should be able to write to the other people I love. Suffice it to say that it has been a tough first week. I am pretty stressed about all I have to do and become. I know I did a lot to prepare, but I still feel pretty inadequate, especially in Spanish. (if any missionary ever thinks he can wait until the mission to learn a language, gain testimony or read the Book of Mormon/Preach My Gospel, he is in for a smack in the face). I know that there are a lot of people praying for me, and with the Lord, all things are possible. Also, as many people have advised me to do, I am not going to write much in these letters about me. My mission is not about me, it is about the people I am serving. I will tell you a bit about how I am doing and what the place is like, of course. Speaking of which, my area is Ciudad del Este 2.2. It is the second largest city in Paraguay and there are a lot of missionaries here ("2.2¨ means 2nd companionship in the 2nd ward). The ground is red/orange and rocky, and we walk a lot. It is like one big hiking trip in southern Utah. Thank my awesome scout leaders for preparing me. The people are wonderful. They have so little, but they are always feeding us. I feel like Elijah (1 Kings 17). I am getting to know all our investigators, members, and inactives. We have seen a few small miracles, and I hope to see more. Joel and Dolly are our golden family. We happened to find him walking on the same road as us, and they are so receptive. We have another young family, Cristian and Mariela, who we just met. They are a little tougher, because they are solid in what they already believe. But I am sure when they recognize the truth they will change. There is also Miguel, a teenager our age who moved from Buenos Aires to get away from a bad group of friends. We just challenged him to quit smoking, so please pray for him. I will also pray for Aunt Karen, and the others who need help back home. It is great to hear how people are doing ESPECIALLY mission calls. Love hearing about those. This truly is the Lord´s work.

With love as always,
Elder Wesley Morgan

*Elder Morgan also emailed a bunch of pictures, which is what took up most of his email time.  We will be posting those on the blog soon, so keep an eye out!

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