Thursday, August 2, 2012

Last Full Email From Rainy Argentina

Due to all the construction (we haven´t had carpet or electricity several times in the past week), we have a lot of internet problems, which is why I have decided not to try to send all my pictures. I have taken about 30 with each group and the last picture day is this Sunday. But I have to send this one that happened today. I really love playing soccer with these Latinos when I get a chance, but I think you probably know that my hand-eye coordination is lacking. My eye saw the ball, and my hands didn´t, so you can guess which one took the hit. :) Hey, at least I saved the goal. And it´s pretty funny that Corbin had a similar experience recently.

Well, that is just one of many memories I am going to take with me as I leave. This has been an awesome experience that I will never forget. Very different from what I expected, but I have learned an incredible amount. I think my favorite part has been the friendships I have made. Spending this much time with the same missionaries sure makes you grow pretty close. The seven North Americans who are leaving got to do sort of a farewell at the Devotional on Monday. We sang an A Capella version of "Grande Eres Tu" (How Great Thou Art). I don´t know if I have mentioned this, but we lucked out getting a district where everyone can sing well, and a couple of us--Elder Brown and Elder Suprise specifically--are very good at harmonizing. If I do so say so myself, the musical number turned out really well. Elder Smith recorded it, so hopefully I´ll get that sent out to you soon. I don´t think the people in Orem ever thought they´d see Brennan Adamson and Wesley Morgan singing in an A Capella group together, but hey, miracles happen out here. Really, I love those Elders so much, and I am going to miss every one here.

Another amazing experience: we got to to go inside the temple! Twice! Last week a few of us helped clean up the temple grounds. Right outside the gate there were a ton of sure is different down here. They gave us a short tour then, and then on Monday the entire CCM went through the preliminary Open House tour. It was beautiful. The Celestial room, the Sealing room...all gorgeous. There sure is a special spirit in the temples, and it reminds us of why we are here and where we are going. Elder Mendoza has been a great companion. I am adjusting to his fast Spanish, surprisingly. He is a really good teacher, and he always surprises me with the experiences he has to help investigators because he was only baptized four years ago. The rest of my district has been a little difficult. All my life I have been used to being looked at as the "perfect" kid, but this has been ridiculous. I don´t know quite how to explain it, but they are always trying to get distracted or bend the rules, and I get teased for being the leader. It was hard at first, but I have gotten used to it. I have tried to talk to them, and things are getting better. Definitely fulfills part of my patriarchal blessing, right? They really are good missionaries, they just have to learn to adjust to the rules. Also, proselyting this week was tough. We were in a much nicer area, but NO one wanted to listen. Excuse after excuse. Not much we can do but keep trying. We do have a couple appointments next week, one with a Jehovah´s witness. It´s sad that I am excited about that. Hopefully I´ll have good news next time I email you about how it goes. I will get to send a short email on Monday before we fly out, and then P-Days will be on Mondays. It was great to get those summaries of my fellow missionaries, and I got you letter in the mail! That made me really happy. I don´t have much time left, I will try to answer a few of your questions. My Spanish has improved a lot recently, having to speak it all day. For the first time, conversation comes naturally. There are Sister Missionaries here, one from the US. All the North Americans got to Paraguay or Uruguay. We are at full capacity right now with about 80 Elders. The devotionals we watch are from a couple years ago; we do not get the new ones.

Last thought: I have been looking at the Standards of Excellence for our mission, and it looks like they expect 2 baptisms a week! 6 months I was gearing up to get sent somewhere where I was lucky to get one, and now....that could be a lot. I am going to need a bigger journal. :)

With love, as always,
Elder Wesley Morgan

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