Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick Email, and I'm Off!

Looks like I need to make a couple corrections. Yes, that picture was all mud, just a small red sore, which is already gone. And apparently those standards of excellence I looked at were just examples. Most missions don´t have that many. Guess that was a little prideful of me to assume I could just go out there and do that. Interestingly enough, I have heard people say that it is a very hard mission to baptize, and some say the people are humble and I will baptize a lot. But that´s how it´s been for everything about Paraguay--difficulty of language, weather, etc. I am so excited to finally be going! It has been a wonderful experience. I did my companions and my first district (who I got really close to) sign my flag. Also, I think you might be able to find our video on YouTube if you search "Moroni District Grande Eres Tu." (We were actually the Mormon district, but the teacher who posted it wrote it wrong). If the sound is bad...forget I said anything. But I hope you like it. I just got to read my emails from Brittany and Daniel, both of which make me happy. My brother is a funny kid. Hopefully I will get to email them back when I am in Paraguay. AH! I just said that! I am so excited to go out there. We had a great week of Proselyting, walking as fast as we could and teaching everyone we could talk to. One quick experience: I talked to a Jehovah´s Witness for a while, and we had a very interesting discussion. Now I know what I should have said when he accused the Book of Mormon of being a "different Gospel" (see Gal. 1:8-9). The Book of Mormon is not our gospel, neither is the Bible. They are testaments of our gospel, which is the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, and that is what matters most. I love and pray for you all, especially those with difficult job situations.

-Elder Wesley Morgan

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