Monday, October 28, 2013

More baptisms! Woohoo!

This truly is the Lord´s work. Once again, we spent a lot of time looking for houses, and the week ended with baptisms and confirmations. I don´t have pictures (My camera battery is officially dead...I¨ll let you know what kind it is next week if it would be possible to send a new one), but we had six people in white! Liza and her twin daughters, Analía (who I baptized) and Anayeli are now members of the church. They have such strong testmonies, and the YW President (President Burger´s wife) surprised us by giving them full scripture sets and Personal Progress manuals. She also gave all that to their sister Silvia, who is going to need a little more time before getting baptized. Delfina keeps coming to church, so we just need to get the marriage plans ready! Also, our Zone pulled some miracles and we had nine confirmations yesterday--that was also great!

But after that...we don´t have absolutely anyone. ALL of our extra time has been house-shopping. It isn´t easy here in Paraguay, where directions, contact information, and business negotataions are pretty informal. One cultural thing I don´t know if I mentioned: They always wear flip-flops. Even when doing construction or moving jobs. It´s pretty funny. And the only interesting news about the house is that we found some "hippies", for lack of a better word, (one is from Minnesota) who showed us their house where they do Reiki Therapy. Seems like pseudoscience mixed with religion and massages. Interesting experience to lighten up a day of non-spiritual work. We just have to remember that what we are doing is important. Just glad I am not in the office where they do things like this every day, haha.

The Kellers (the senior couple) are amazing. They are working with the District President to reignite the home teaching program. Most people give a lot of excuses as to things that have already been tried and don´t work, but we still have to keep trying! District conference is this weekend, so I am excited to see how things start to change.

We sang "Teach me to walk in the Light" and "Love one another" (there is an incredible EFY type CD that has two singers, one of whom I think is Freddy Ashby singing those two songs, which is why we chose them). And I just got out of choir practice. Elder Brown put together a 30-person mission choir for a conference we will have next month with ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON! I´m pretty excited. The practice went very very well. Right before that was the Leadership council, which was also great, as always. We have to do the training THIS Friday because next week is transfers (that´s when Elder Leishman goes home), so I'll let you know the details about what we are teaching and how it goes. President Agazzani was pretty direct about how what we teach should be exactly what we heard today or we´re like the people who created the Great Apostasy, haha.  So I´ll talk more about how both went next week.

We did also have our primary program...not quite as organized, but still spiritual. Elder Leishman is very focused for having so little time left. He always talks about how happy he for the experiences he has had, and how all the challenges were worth it. My two suit pants are the hot ones, and I have one left that I brought (the washable ones) and two that I have found. (You can find ANYTHING in old apartments--books, clothes, personal care supplies...) So I´ll be fine. I did hear about that missionary movie, and I will be interested to see it. It´s great to be a missionary, and every member can participate!
-Elder Morgan the Older

My mom found this picture on a Missionary Mom Facebook page... Elder Morgan's zone, taken sometime this summer

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