Monday, February 11, 2013

I Will Not Be Still

The title of this email comes from something I have been thinking a lot about this week. I really try to bear testimony as often as I can (street contacts, lessons, church meetings, etc.), but many times I feel like it does not do much. I am tempted to think that if only I could speak Spanish better or had more experience or something, then it would make a difference. But I read the famous quote by Brigham Young about his conversion (there is also a short church video about it) that says the opposite. A testimony really just needs to be humble and sincere. I also know that we cannot open people´s hearts for them, though we can pray and work hard for that to be more likely. So, I will not let setbacks keep me from testifying of the Book of Mormon, the Savior Jesus Christ, and other principles of the Gospel. The song "I Will Not Be Still" from my last EFY CD describes exactly what I feel.

As always, we have seen many miracles this week. Iván, a young man we were teaching, has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. It turns out his grandma gave him one and he remembers a lot from what she taught him. Unfortunately, he and Julio (the man we found last week who had lost everything), received double-edged blessings. They were both blessed with jobs they had been looking for! ...and now their schedule doesn´t allow us to teach them. We´ll see what we can do. We have also been looking for every Former Investigator that has not been visited in more than a year and a half. In one case, my companion remembered a house in front where he taught a girl once. She had moved, but as we taught her semi-interested brother, his friend walked by and started asking a lot of questions. His name is Rubén, and I have a lot of hope for him. The Lord definitely prepares people for us to teach.

Mauricio has not been able to come to church because of his work, and we are hearing rumors from his family that he has been doing some bad things. He says he is fine, so I don´t really know who to believe. We´ll see. Diego, the young man who we were teaching with the Grau family, is still awesome. He was planning on getting baptized when he moves out at the end of the year, but we suggested he do it a little sooner ;). We are fasting with him and the family this week so that he can talk to his family about getting baptized as soon as possible.

We have a lot to do helping all the missionaries in our Zone and the members in our ward. But we keep working hard and doing the best we can. From my personal feelings and things President Agazzani has said, I know I am here to re-energize this ward. I honestly don´t know how, but I know it is important that I do it. So, as you pray for me, please pray for that specifically. Our Ward Mission Leader just got released, so that makes things even more interesting. We are going to have to go to a lot more ward council meetings. The mission is a learning experience!

Speaking of members, I don´t think I have talked much about them. Today we are going to eat lunch with the Stefaniu family from Brazil (they speak a mix of Portuguese and Spanish that keeps me on my toes). Last week they gave us lemonade similar to the kind and Tucano´s. They are a wonderful family, and I love telling the missionaries about them. They investigated the church for almost a year, attending church every week. They were only baptized a few months ago, because they wanted to be absolutely sure of what they were doing, along with doing it at a time best for their family. I am sure that tried the patience of every missionary who taught them, but that is part of what we do.

Also, I had my surgery on my toenail. The doctor´s name was Wesley Schmidt (he is the son of Mennonite missionaries). He injected anesthesia, and all I felt was a little pulling as he yanked and cut a piece out of my nail. It is healing over well, and I am walking pain-free for the first time in a while. It is wonderful! 

I do make pancakes (sometimes German), french toast, and scrambled eggs sometimes. I have gained weight because of many factors, but I am trying to eat less again. We eat lunch with members 3 or 4 times a week. My companion´s grandma is from Rosario, Argentina. He is finding out the rest of the information. Also, I have been thinking about Elder Byers and Elder Blanchard. They have both tried to email me, but unfortunately I cannot email them back. I sent letters to them while in Buenos Aires, but I don´t know if they got them. Have you heard anything? Did you say Corbin cannot receive letters? I´d just like to know how they´re doing and stay in contact to some degree.

Great to hear the Daniel put in his papers! I have been wondering when he would. I also enjoyed the video from Heather. (Editor's note: Heather's baby started walking!) Great birthday presents for both of them, I supposed. Glad to hear their birthdays went well. I sent my birthday wishes, love, and prayers.  I will definitely be excited to read my email in two weeks and see if he got his call.

-Elder Wesley Morgan

P.S. I received my magnetic name tag in Guaraní that I ordered a while ago. It makes me happy, mostly because I can understand it. 

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