Monday, February 25, 2013

Council & Changes

We found out today that my companion is going to be an Assistant! I am very excited for him. He really has changed in ways I did not expect, and I know he will be a good leader there. He is ecstatic; this has always been his dream. I don't know who my next companion will be yet, but I hope it is someone who is excited to work hard. I need someone obedient and positive. We just found out that José Olavarrieta will return to his former calling as Ward Mission Leader! I heard great things about him, and we already planning activities to get this ward excited about missionary work.

We just got out of my second Zone Leader's Council. That is always a spiritual experience. We talked about improving our vision as missionaries and leaders (including helping our District Leaders catch that vision), baptizing people who will have a ripple effect (Alma 22:15-26), inviting everyone we can to progress toward a baptismal date, and understanding the power and authority of our call to build the kingdom of God. I don't know if you have heard the story of the 3 stonecutters; it's pretty common here.* One says he is cutting stones, one says he is gaining $X.XX per day, one says he is helping construct the House of the Lord. We studied a lot of scriptures, and I think Doctrine and Covenants 6:8-13 is my new favorite. A lot of good things for the Zone training, which I will have to do next week with a new companion. That will be a fun challenge if he is a new zone leader and was not in the meeting. I also met Elder Wilding there, who is the grandson of The Fraziers. (If I had a dollar for every person whose grandparents live in that ward....)

One piece of bad news. We won't be able to baptize Diego. The rule is officially that we cannot baptize someone who does not live in our ward boundaries. I had suspected that, and it makes sense, even though he attends church here with the Grau family. If a member does not attend church in their own ward, they cannot pay tithing or have a temple recommend. In other wards, they cannot be a legitimate, covenant-keeping member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Pretty important.

Things are not so great with the rest of our investigators, either. Some are hard to find and some know that what we teach is true but are unwilling to let go of their old ways. Life is hard, and I know change makes it harder, But we have to help them see that this gospel really will make their lives easier overall. I´ll give more name-specific updates next week when we see who is progressing.

I am not sure what I will do will all the extra money. This month it will be for dry-cleaning (my suit, pants, and a few ties REALLY need it) and Herbalife shakes. Hermana Agazzani suggested we take multivitamins, and those Brazilians I mentioned last week work for Herbalife, so they get us special offers. Not that important, but we´ll see how it goes.

Great to hear about Daniel and BYU! I was also hoping for a mission announcement...but that will come. Say hi to President Webb, Brother Crandall, and everyone else in the ward/stake for me. Sounds like there are a lot of tough times, but I know that all those people you mentioned are firm in the faith and will have the Lord's help with them.

I am not sure why, but this last week felt very, very long. This coming week we´ll bring a lot of changes, and I always try to have hope for the future. I have had a couple dreams this week that I was back home, and both times I wanted to be back in the mission. Really, I love it here. I would not want to be anywhere else. But I know that anywhere else, I--and each of you--can give my heart & soul to the Lord and build his kingdom. Awesome.

-Elder Wesley Morgan

*I have heard this quote before in a talk by Spencer W. Kimball: "There is the old story you have heard so many times of the question asked of three builders of St. Paul's cathedral in London. 'What are you doing here?' The first one answered, 'I am working eight hours a day.  I am putting in time.  I am earning my living this way.' The second one said, 'I am putting brick on brick and I am building a structure here.'  The third, when asked, raised himself to full stature and said, 'I am building a great cathedral.'"  As this is a famous anecdote, it has probably been spread around and the versions vary a bit.  Still a great message either way! 

These pictures were not sent by Elder Morgan, but by Jose Olavarietta, the guy from Paraguay who visited our family here in Orem recently.  We're not sure what the pictures are or who the family is, but these are the most recent pictures of Elder Morgan in action!


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