Monday, August 19, 2013

Life is Good

It is great to hear how everyone is doing, even if it appears small. I enjoy hearing what you are doing so I can pray for you and feel like I know what is going in your lives--especially Daniel in Madrid.

As for me, I am doing very well. We finally had someone in church!! Jimmy, a recent convert, brought his brother Madi. We have been working a long time to get him to come, and we are hoping his other brother comes soon. Maybe they´ll come to the "Game Night" we are planning this wednesday. Two people on my happy list are Luis and Gregoria. Luís is a 13-year-old kid who lives next to his cousin, one of our investigators. He reads the Book of Mormon and is always waiting with Blas (his cousin) anytime there is an appointment. Gregoria is similar. We are teaching her dad, Angel, who told us he lives alone (he's friendly...but a little senile). She came and listened to us, and we found out she used to come to church. Hope to get them in church and in the baptismal font soon.

Angel lives out in San Pedro, a small neighborhood we are going to for the first time. We also found a man named Gregorio, who was very interesting. He has been praying for a companion so he can preach the gospel (he is Protestant), and we tried to show him that we were sent by God to help him. His problem is his wife. She hates the Book of Mormon and us, and she never lets him really think about accepting the fulness of the gospel. This week, as always, we have found a lot of people like her who don´t want to change, but it is hard when one of them wants to and the other one doesn´t.

The District meeting this week was a little disastrous. The Elders spent WAY too much time talking about their investigators and we couldn´t get much done. Luckily, we had a meeting with the Zone Leaders, and I was able to set more definite goals and plans for how I can help my district improve. Elder Ballard in Preach My Gospel says that if we don´t learn to set goals we will never achieve our potential, and with all my personal and companionship goal-setting, I have neglected setting goals for how I want to help the district. Lots to do, but I am really excited for the future. I really like living with Elder Johnson and Elder Moffet. They are great Zone Leaders, and they focus more on the people than the numbers, which makes me feel like I can do the same. I don´t like pressuring missionaries to baptize or things like that, and it really isn´t the way to do things. Those two are very supportive, and the four of us are always talking and laughing in the apartment. Definitely a fun group to live with.

The members are also great. They are so generous to always give us lunch. Even people with almost nothing are willing to share what they have. This week Reynold, a member here, came back from his mission. I was excited to start working with him that day, and I was a little let down when he had other things to do the whole weekend. He´s a good guy, and he might be called as our new ward mission leader, so I am sure he will be able to help us as soon as he settles in. But it was an eye-opener about how things will change in the blink of an eye as soon as I leave this country. It made me pretty sad to realize that I´ll be going back to Utah, where there aren´t many missionary opportunities. I am sure that the Lord will give me chances to serve his children as long as I am faithful with the responsibilities he gives me. I want to be a missionary all my life, whether it´s for investigators, members, or my own family.

I love this work. I don´t know if you´ve noticed, but the past few months have been tough. Okay, the whole mission is tough, haha, and that is what makes it so worthwhile. But this week I have started to stop worrying so much about the external results and just be happy to be a missionary. It is an incredible opportunity that only comes once. It may not go how I expect, but it will all be worth it. I love teaching and testifying and everything we do. It´s like Elder Wirthlin says "Come what may, and love it."

-Elder Morgan the older...(you´re welcome Daniel)*

*Elder Morgan's  brother, Daniel, is also on a mission and suggested Wesley sign his letters "Elder Morgan the older" since they are both Elder Morgan at the moment.

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