Tuesday, June 18, 2013

¡In Asunción!

Haha, I hope the title doesn´t make you think I got transferred. We are in the bus terminal in Asunción waiting to go to the temple. I am pretty tired, so please forgive me if something I say isn´t coherent or is very mixed with Spanish (I have a feeling I do that more often than I realize...I also doubt if I will be able to speak English in a year). Last week the internet place was closing so I had to stop writing pretty fast. I don´t know if that was apparent.

Well I have been all over the place as a District leader. Due to this temple trip I have had two district meetings since the last email. It is always a challenge thinking of what will best suit the needs of everyone, because sometimes their needs are opposite--some focus too much on the people and not teaching doctrine, some focus too much on the lessons and not the investigators. But yesterday I did an activity that I thought would help everyone. We wrote lists of what Paraguayans need (peace, direction, etc.), what Gospel principle can help them, and what specific blessings we can promise them. Along with a teaching practice (we always do one or two), I think it really helped.

It is really good to live with the Zone Leaders and my companion. All three of them give me good ideas about how we can help the missionaries. That is one challenge of being a District Leader. As a Zone Leader you share the responsibility and pressure. Not so now. But I also have more freedom as to what I can do.

One miracle this week is a man named Marcos. My companion and Elder Moya found him while I was doing exchanges in another area. When we went back to visit him, he had read 60 pages in the Book of Mormon and remembered all of it! He thinks it´s one of the lost books from the Bible. His two problems are (1) He doesn´t want to pray to ask if it´s true until he finishes it. That is a common doubt, but he might actually do it in a reasonable amount of time. (2) He travels every weekend. So we haven´t seen him since that lesson and it will be tough to get him to church. But if he finds out this church is true, that won´t be a problem.

Leticia, the adopted daughter of the Lopez family will get baptized this week. Bryan seems to be giving in to what his apostate dad´s problems are with the Book of Mormon. We testified and told him that if he comes to church he´ll be able to feel if it´s true or not. And we did get to visit Amós again, who also wants to be baptized. There is a lot of work to be done here, including with the less active members. No country needs Home Teaching more than Paraguay. 

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot. I did the baptismal interview for a lady named Genara this week in the 4th Branch. (I´ve had to use a LOT of Guaraní this week, and I don´t know very much) Afterward, she said she wanted ME to baptize her. That has happened before, and normally I can convince the person to pick one of the missionaries in their branch, but she was pretty insistent. So it was a little odd, but nice to participate in that baptism.

All is well. I love being a missionary. This area is beautiful. The more I learn, the more I see how much I need to improve. That makes me grateful for the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation. Keep reviewing the good things you already know and focusing on the basics. Love you all!

-Elder Wesley Morgan

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