Friday, July 6, 2012

Better Late Than Never

As I have mentioned, there is a lot of construction going on around here. Things are getting unhooked and moved and re-setup all the time. So the internet was not working for the past few days. It´s back up, and we do have a little time to email again. Time is going so fast every day, although it still seems like I have a lot ahead. The new guys did show up, and they are awesome. They aren´t quite as exciting as the last group, but that´s okay. We had a few guys from El Salvador who were crazy. Elder Mojica loved playing basketball and he would shout "Apostasy!" anytime anything didn´t go his way. Yeah, there is no one quite like that in this group. I am talking to them a lot more and making friends. Understanding more definitely helps. There are a few from Guatemala, so I was wondering where it is that our 2nd cousins live and what their names are? Just in case anyone knows them.

Erica & Haven win the prize for being the first non-family members to send me a letter. (Well, the first one to get here...who knows if there are others floating around in the messed-up mail system). Grandma Nell and the Parrishes have also sent me letters through DearElder. I´ll probably respond to their questions in my email next week if I get a chance. Like I said, things have been kind of disorganized so I´m not fully prepared. We have three lessons to teach in the next 24 hours and we are not fully prepared for any of them. We just need to use our time more wisely, but that is a lot easier said than done. We are working on putting together lesson outlines that we can adapt and reuse, which helps. However, with three people we don´t always agree exactly what to say, which is a challenge. Guess that´s why we´re here; we have a lot to improve before we get out in the field.

Speaking of being in the field, we got to proselyte in the same area. Marisela, the first lady I gave a Book of Mormon to, did not read it. That is a struggle we have encountered a lot. We have been working on ideas as to how to fix that, and I could also ask you all for adivce: What can we tell people to help them understand the importance of reading the Book of Mormon? I am interested to see what ideas you have. We stopped by our old friend Luís, but didn´t get to say much to him. We ran into a man and his sister who we talked to for a while. He had read the Joseph Smith pamphlet pretty well, so we gave him a Book of Mormon. She was an Evangical preacher (they always seem to find us), and we had quite the conversation. She talked so fast I am surprised I kept up. In between her ideas about the trinity and preaching the gospel, I was able to slip in mty testimony about praying to know the truth through the Holy Ghost and living prophets/priesthood. Hopefully it did something. We got to talking about the Bible, and they were impressed when I could name all the books. Tell Brother White and Brother Judd thanks for teaching me those songs! There was also a young woman we ran into who didn´t really want to talk to us. She seemed to know a little about our church and said "You have a book for me, right?" I wasn´t about to turn that offer down. Overall, a great week, and I am excited to do it again tomorrow.

I don´t have too much more time, I will try to answer your questions next week. Thanks for the Guaraní joke, and I loved the Barack Obama Guaraní one from last week. You can read Tony´s email, but I do remember telling you I was not going to tell you most of the dangerous things that happened to me. We take pictures every third sunday with the outgoing group, and I will probably just send all of those after we have done all three sets (it is really slow to send things here). Oh, random question that Daniel might be able to find out: what kind of sword was the sword of Laban? Our district was discussing if it would have been straight like European swords or a scimitar like the Arabs use. Also, could you send me Makade Claypool´s mission address? The ink smeared when I wrote it down. I have letters to send to him Truman, and Corbin, but I might not get to send them until I leave. We shall see. Like I said, things are great, and I don´t have much to complain about. Hope you all stay strong, let me know if there´s anything I can do to help.

Elder Morgan

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