Thursday, June 7, 2012

We made it!

Dear Family,

After many delays, we have finally arrived at the MTC.  There was a storm over Dallas, so we had to wait at the Midland-Odessa Airport before we even got into our layover.  We got to our gate right as the plane should have been leaving, so we were really worried.  But the storm delayed that flight getting out of there, too, so we actually waited for three more hours.  In our district, there's me, Elder Adamson, Elder Suprise, and Elder Cutler from Utah (all of whom are awesome), and Elder Amodio from Italy.  He is hilarious.  In Texas we picked up Elder Brown, who I knew from Men's Chorus, and Elder Smith.  Customs cost us $160, and they wouldn't take any bills that were ripped or had any sort of pen mark on them, so it was good I had a lot of change to help some of the other guys out.  When we got our luggage, it was all a little damp, so I'm really glad you put it all in plastic bags!  There was a guy there to pick us up, but he spoke with a heavy Argentinian accent.  That made things difficult.  Everyone deferred to me and Elder Amodio to try to understand (because he speaks Italian), but it was rough.  The other guy wanted to take our passports, which worried us, but he put us on the phone with a guy from Church Travel who told us we could trust those guys.  And hey, they got us here!  It's inside the temple grounds, which are beautiful, and it is actually not too cold.  Seems like there is a lot to do, and I am looking forward to learning a lot!  P-Days will be Wednesdays from now on, so you can expect an email cadas las semanas*.  I love you all!

Elder Morgan

*each week (for all you non-Spanish speakers)

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